Wifi Connection Keeps Dropping

Re: Odroid N2 CoreElec with Odroid WiFi Module 5A

Wifi connection keeps dropping, causing add on downloads and installations to fail, time and weather to stop displaying, etc. - an all around maddening nuisance.

Sometimes a reboot will fix issue, other times not.
Then, unplugging wifi dongle and plugging back in fixes issue sometimes, other times not.
Then, I try switching wifi dongle to different USB port.
Lately it’s gotten much, much worse.

See Kodi debugging logfiles -
Not sure these will show anything, because I rebooted without wifi, inserted dongle, made sure I had connection, deselected weather service to none, selected multiple weather services.

Everything was working, I went away for an hour and then it wasn’t working.
Tried to download log but get error message that log’s too big, max size 1m.
So how am I supposed to reproduce issue and get log?
I never know when it’s going to happen or how long it will take.
I turned on debugging and waited for issue to occur and now log is too big!

Also, where do I go to bring up Kodi Logfile Upload so I don’t have to got to Add ons > Search and type in name every time.

Absolute hell to get debug log
See - https://paste.kodi.tv/iwuhojazay

Ran logfile script, nothing happened,
Ran again - error “log too big, max 1mb”
Then link showed up, so not sure what it’ll show.
Had to move wifi dongle to another port and reboot.

Weather menu wont display anything but -
Busy • Busy°F
…so of course weather does’t display below Time either.
and yes, confirmed that option is turned on.

maybe updating to latest nightly.