Wifi problem RTL8812au

Dear All,

I bought Android box Tesla x300 (s905x2,2gb ram), and usb wifi adapter netis wf2190 (rtl8812au), i have installed on SD card coreelec 9.2.1. Its possible that in coreelec 9.2.1 is old driver for the wifi chipset ? Or the usb 3.0 port work as usb 2.0? I have problem that i cant connect to the wifi (some input/output error), or im disconnected from the wifi with wifi status failured, when im connected i have lower speeds (aproximaty 180mbits) as when i connect the usb driver to pc (aproximaty 450mbits) which ones is on the same place as the box. Thanks you

Just checking you are definitely using the external wifi when you are setting up. The internal is normally WLan0 and external is WLAN1 if i remember. Also 180Mb is good for a RTL8812AU on one of these boxes I get about 12MByte transfer rate using a similar chipset.