Wifi won't connect on reboot or power on/off?


hello, i have the mecool m8s pro l box, the wifi works fine but if i reboot or power of then back on the wifi isn’t connected says failure. if i click on it, it will connect right away. is there a way to have it stay connected? using this image CoreELEC-S912.arm-8.95.6-S912

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is there a log i can submit so it can be determined the cause?

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You need to re-supply WiFi power. Do as described here.

H96 Pro+ S912 Standby mode

I think you meant this link @bumerc H96 Pro+ S912 Standby mode


Yes, thank you, that’s exactly what I meant :slightly_smiling_face:


Great, i will try this and report back.

thank you for your help!


any chance i can get help with this issue? i went to the thread as advised, when i asked a question seems like they keep deleting it as its not related to the posted that was provided.

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That is because you can not hijack another thread with your issue, it’s in the forum guidelines.

What help do you need…? all the instructions are provided in the link already, have you even bothered to read it?


sir i a not trying to hijack anything. i have read through the suggested thread but i am not understanding what i need to do to fix it. if i have broke some rules it was not intended that way and i am sorry for doing so.

Thank you


You don’t need to read the entire thread, I linked you to the exact post that you need to read and follow.

I can’t make it any more simpler for you to understand.


sir, when i used winscp to ftp into my box i didn’t see that folder. i guess i don’t understand how do i located that folder, as i only see the .config folder?

sorry i guess these are all dumb questions, as this is easy to you.

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You have to create the folder sleep.d inside of /storage/.config/.


thank you for your help and further explanation it seems to have worked like a charm.

again sorry for hijacking your other threads that wasn’t my intent.

Thank you


No problem, happy yo hear it solved it for you.


I guess it is best to include it in in the builds.