WiringPI to control GPIO

Dose CoreELEC for Odroid C2 has a plugin like WiringPI? I have python scripts to control the Audiophonics SPC II power module. The scripts send GPIO status that the module reads.

I can’t find is there is a Python support that I could convert the scripts for the C2.

Here is an example of the RPi script I run on LE for RPi:


# "Audiophonics shutdown script" 
# " Openelec Version" 
# "Shutdown: GPIO13 = in, low" 
# BootOK: GPIO22 = out, high " 
import sys 
import RPi.GPIO as GPIO 
import time 
import subprocess 
GPIO.setmode (GPIO.BCM)  
GPIO.setup (13, GPIO.IN)  
GPIO.setup ( 22, GPIO.OUT) 
GPIO.output (22, GPIO.HIGH) 
PinValueT0 = False 
while True: 
     #grab the current button state 
     PinValue1 = GPIO.input (13) 
     # check to see if button pushed 
     if PinValue1!= PinValueT0 and PinValue1 == True:
 		subprocess.call ("shutdown -h now", shell = True, stdout = subprocess.PIPE, stderr = subprocess.PIPE) 
   		time.sleep (1)


Is there a RPi.GPIO-Odroid plugin available for CoreELEC C2?

Is there a KODI plugin for RPi.GPIO jfath/RPi.GPIO-Odroid that runs on CE Odroid C2?

Thank you