WoL S912 beelink

Continuing the discussion from CEC Wake up Amlogic S912 device:

adamg doesn’t answer, please would you explain to me what happened? So I understand why I have to buy a new device just to get the WoL back.
Thank you

The topic was closed for a reason and all we can say is that the whole wiki is lost.
Reconstructing the documentation takes a lot of time and you should keep in mind that all of our devs have a real job and a family. They do all of this wonderful work for CoreELEC in their free time.
We hate it as much as you do to not being able to help and to leave some of our users alone with their problems, but at the moment we have no other choice.
This will change in the future, but we just need some time to rebuild the parts that got lost.

Adam is not going to answer, because he is retired and left CE.

You don’t. Just use the backup you made of the last version that WoL did work with :wink: