WP2 lag remote control

Hello, I installed the latest build on my Wetek Play 2, but I noticed that the remote control does not respond well to commands, has lag is snappy, is it normal or can I control some settings?

Read https://forum.libreelec.tv/thread/11643-le9-0-remote-configs-ir-keytable-amlogic-devices/?pageNo=1

you can adjust delay settings

Hi Bubblegum57,

I am currently using a Harmony remote, set-up as a Mecool KIII Pro. The key-map works perfectly out of the box: i didn’t need to make any configs. But I would like to play a bit with the delay settings. I see your link shows the example of:

1.ir-ctl -t 50000
2.ir-keytable -D 375 -P 100

But what do I do with this “code”. Do I SSH into the box, and run this code as a command? Or do I modify some config file? Or do I create an autostart with these lines?

Thanks for any help

I have a Harmony 650 setup as a Mecool, I have just checked, there is no remote config file, that post was for other remotes
Unless someone else can tell you how, perhaps you can try adjusting the settings in the Harmony software.