X96 Max+ 1Gbit LAN Problem

That is interesting.
Are you using the amlogic-ng or amlogic-ne version of CoreELEC 20.2?

I have tested all versions without problems, by the way, you are testing under the Android system, is it their own questions.

I have S905X3 chipset and i use amlogic-ng version of CoreELEC 20.2

Have you tested the device in the Android system to see if there is a problem with Ethernet card? There is no problem with the arm and aarch64 versions of 20 and 21 tested here. I suggest testing it in the Android system to see if the network is normal.

Android boot is successful LAN is there instantly after boot. This bug is only in CoreELEC.

Wait for repair.

yeah, i hope somebody can fix that issue for S905X3 chipsets or there will be amlogic-ne support in the future.

Yet amlogic-ne image is not supporting the S905X3 :frowning:

Device support for New Era currently starts with SC2 (S905X4), introducing support for the new S8 & S9 family generation 4 Amlogic SoCs.
Towards the future support for SM1 (S905X3) may be implemented. Further testing in this area is required.

Wished there would be any kind of workaround in the meantime. Booting 10 times to have one boot with LAN or plugging in the cable again after each boot is so annoying.

Maybe you use the JL2xxx chip. It’s known for such issues.After boot run this 2 commands and send links.

journalctl -l | paste
dmesg | paste

Yes my box has the JL2xxx chip.
I found a workaround. Now i use a very short cat6 cable and set up the switch close to the box. Now it works much better.

Yes, this is the only option I know.
It was almost impossible to use this chip with a about 25m cable between switch and device.
A cheap GBit HUB and short cable solved the issue.

But also newer devices like the Tencent Aurora 5 Pro box have this chip assembled and I do not get an IP in 3/10 times booting it.

No idea if any fix will come out one day…

I think this network chip will appear in lots of new boxes.

My S905X3 Box is a pretty new revision, looks this ethernet chip is available and cheap, that`s why it will be used a lot soon.

I also noticed my Bluetooth is not working, so also Bluetooth chipset changed.
My X96Max+ Edition is the 2101W.

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