X96 max+ revision AI - ICPlus_IP1001 (lan is not working)

Here is the DTB file.aml_dtb.PARTITION (83.5 KB)

please try this first:

maybe cut DC power once after update

No success. :frowning:

Than it’s not the driver as the init is now the same as your source

Ok. I have 2 boxes with IC+. Result is the same in both. Where could be the problem?

-1 in motivation. The vendor did encrypt the firmware. Nothing to read. Maybe you can try to dump it on running Android, not sure…

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Last idea:

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dtb failed to pull in better form is encrypted. Even this last image did not work. It probably doesn’t have an easy solution. And it’s time to give it up. but thank you for your effort

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Thanks a lot for your support.Maybe sometimes later the solution will be found.

Hi, I assume that still no luck in implementing the IC drivers into CE… In the meantime, May I make it work at 100M easy way? Wireless works with any issues?


Try to put this command to autostart.sh, ethtool -s eth0 speed 100 duplex full
Wifi is ok in this revision.

This revision = 19.3 I assume…

May I access to the autostart.sh file using a card reader in windows?

It will be far more easy to edit this file in a windows editor than using coreelec… I think…


Filesystem is ext4

You have the option to create the file using windows and copy it via SMB ore SFTP.
Be sure to use linux format and check attributes via SSH after copy.

Best choice ist using SSH to create and modify autostart.sh
It´s no rocket science

Hello, good evening, is the first message I wrote. yesterday I got the X96 max + AI review and it is not working at all, it is very slow with the cpu with very high values and a lot of lag. I start it from a USB 3.0 and sometimes the coreelec screen stays the flashing letters and after several hours it does not get started (in android I have slimboxtv 12.2).
I will be attentive to the thread and if you want me to try something tell me.

Check the usb disk or try another one. Or try ceemmc tool to start CoreElec from nand.

Try with another 16gb usb3.0 pen the version “CoreELEC-Amlogic-ng.arm-19.4-Matrix_nightly_20211029-Generic.img.gz” with the device_trees “sm1_s905x3_4g_1gbit.dtb” and the “sm1_s905x3_4g” a 5ghz connected to the internet. and it keeps going bad, slow and unstable.

I have already installed it in the internal memory (mmc) and it seems to go a little faster, but the bluetooth does not work, it recognizes the headphones but it does not connect and the wired network does not work either.
any solution to the bluetooth?

Gigabit Gigabit Ethernet: ICPlus_IP1001 and no driver in CE (lan not working). Can you implement the driver for this lan adapter? bluetooth detects it but does not allow pairing, THANKS. I have the X96 max+ AI review.

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