X96 Mini IR Remote controller

Hello guys,

I’m really sorry for that topic, i know we have alot of topics talking about that but i cant get it.
So, i have done the install guide (Download, Prepare SD, Copy device tree).
My coreelec it’s working but my remote not.

I have the last version of coreelec.

I don’t know how to use SSH. And i have a mac.

I saw something like, download remote.conf and just put on SD root.

Here i can find a nice remote.conf and i just need to plug my SD on my mac and put in the remote.conf?

Sorry for my bad english, but i have a new tv for like 1 week i and didn’t get how to have my coreelec working.

Thank you guys!

Follow the SMB instructions HERE
No username and password required unless you enabled them in the CoreELEC addon settings.
If you open finder you should see CoreELEC in the sidebar of your mac as a shared device,
Click on it and and all the CoreELEC folders will appear.

Copy and Paste the remote.conf into the root of the .Config Folder.

Type Terminal using Spotlight.
Terminal App is used to SSH for your reference.

You have to enable SSH in CoreELEC Settings addon

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Hello Kostaman, thank you for your quick answer.

1º Question - to make SMB i just need to have my box connected to enternet(cable) and my mac(wireless) ?

2º i don’t need to use SSH if i use SMB mode right?

As long as the box and your mac are connected to the same home network.

Yeah leave SSH alone for this operation.
Just keep it in mind if you need to use it later.

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Thank you so much, i will try that today :slight_smile: