X96 mini p281 and p282

The board is p282, I show you AIDA (not avaliable for you) and terminal emulator, both show p282, I open the box and it say S905W, all are equal in both boxes, the only difference are p281 and p282, I just wanna know if there are a DTB for p282 boxes because refund is not a possibility

If none of the existing DTB’s work then I think it safe to say that there isn’t one for the P282, which would, as I understand things, mean extracting it from the Android firmware and then having it modified, if required to work with CE.

So my next step would be to go here where there is more detailed discussion about this box, including specific reference to P282 here.

One of the devs over there may be able to get the DTB for you.

Extracting the firmware is easy in order to get tho the level 2 DTB folder but how the files are then converted to a DTB as we know it, I don’t know.

I have also tried several different dtbs for my X96 mini p281 1G but no luck so far. I have tried CE as well as LE. If someone managed to make it work, please share your experience here. I have tried different forum discussions all over the place - including one from “rospy” - which looked promising but unfortunately didn’t work for me either.