X96 Optical sound going silent after a few seconds

Hello, I have an x96 mini with coreelec for over 2 years now. in the last year, it was connected to the tv via HDMI, and audio from the tv was connected to a receiver with an optical cable with no problem.

ever since the last stable the nightlies that came after it, the sound would play for a few seconds and go silent, I played with the audio settings, the one that was most helpful was the volume increase after downmix to stereo.
also, the resample was set to fast to help this.

it made it better, but not gone completely. seeking back to 0 or forwards sometimes allows the audio to play but every time I seek or pause a video there’s a chance audio won’t come back.

it’s similar to this topic: X96max optical audio error but not quite.

I keep hoping that the next nightly will fix this, but so far it has stayed an issue, and the gain after downmix is really annoying to miss.

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