X96 Pro Xnano bricked

Hi i have this box and i bricked it.
It doesnt boot anymore with toohpick method.

So i was searching for a original stock rom for this box on the internet but couldn’t find it.

I found one on a chinese sit but i don’t thrust installing chinese download programs on my pc to download this image.

I think the only way to unbrick this device is to flash the original stockrom using sdcard maker.

So are there maybe any users on this forum that has this stock rom for this device?


First of all, this is a Coreelec forum, your issue has nothing to do with Coreelec. However, if someone can help, that’s ok with me.

Freaktab forums might be more help.

If your box is bricked, then you have nothing to lose by downloading from a chinese site. Chinavision, might have the correct rom for your device.

You could try installing Coreelec to a usb

Any box can be recovered but it is all dependant on the firmware being available, I’ve tested this by zero’ing the whole eMMC.

You need the original firmware but sometimes you can get away with using one from another box with similar spec.

Thank you i’ll try to find another rom then.
Do i need to zero’ing the whole emmc?
Ho do i do that?

Go HERE There are update sd card versions with recovery images and scripts.
No further help will be possible here at CoreELEC , however the link i gave you is the right place to get help from people who are in the same situation as yourself.

Well, you never know. At least you’re in the one category that does permit discussions about anything, (even if it’s not CE related) :wink:

No and you don’t want to, if it’s bricked then you can’t anyway.

How exactly did you brick your device?

I updated a while ago with coreelec installed to internal emmc.
Then something went wrong.
It doesn’t boot anymore. Toothpick doesn’tvwork either i tried it with an original stock rom X96 pro not xnano but that didn’t work either.

I just don’t understand why it doesn’t boot from toothpick.
I used the right dtb and some other but unfortunately still nothing.

I’ll try the short pin method when i’m home maybe that helps.
Thank you very much for replying.

Before you try shorting pins, try creating a new image to an sd card, with the correct device tree, if that boots, & is running ok, you could try installtointernal

Sometimes you have to run “installtointernal” twice. Sometimes even to the sixth attempt. My H96 PRO + for the second time.