YCbCR Upsampling on N2

Does anyone know what N2/CE/Kodi upsample 4.2.0 to (if at all)? Would it be 4.2.2 or 4.4.4? Guess not RGB.

And. does it use Bilinear, bicubic or nearest neighbour (unlikely) for the upsampling algoritham?

Just comparing it to me Oppo based media streamer and the Spear & Munsil UHD Benchmark disk looks better on ODroid on the Chroma Alignment test. That’s a bit of a surprise :slight_smile:

The default output is 4:4:4 when the video is <= 4k30.
You can check it on the info screen just press ‘O’ during play.

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No surprise, Oppo has the worst (nearest neighbor) method for chroma upsampling.
Amlogic has bilinear or bicubic.

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Thank you @Pelican & @djnice

I just figured that out too from an HDTVTest review :slight_smile:

@Pelican, yes, just saw that N2 has an enhanced Estuary skin which displays CS info. I use Titan MOD myself and just asked MardukL if he can incorporate too.

Pleasantly surprised at Amlogic !

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