04/08 nightly, G button mapping stops working after a while after boot

I use old Kodi Krypton style remote configuration. One of remote buttons is mapped to G keyboard press. I had no problems on stable builds, but I am forced to use nightly on my X96s (as stable build does not support S905y2 yet). So on 04/08 nightly after boot it works, after I use it 1 or 2 times it does not work anymore.

All other button mappings on my remote work just fine. I’m having problem only with this specific R button mapping. Do you have any idea what could cause that? That’s pretty annoying, because R press brings epg for channel when watching tv and now it stopped working and I used to use it very often.

I’m not sure if that’s some kind of device specific issue, or rather due some changes made in recent nightlies. On MxqPro on CoreElec stable everything was ok.

Any ideas? Btw, sometimes when I press button on remote twice, it shows mouse cursor instead of sending G key press. But most cases it has no effect. If I press G on connected usb keyboard, it works

I found something intetested in dmesg:

[ 2356.736161@0] meson-remote ff808040.meson-remote: remote control[ID: 0xfe01] switch to mouse mode

Remote button I mapped was intended to enable mouse on Android firmware and its code is 0. So after first press G key press is sent and then mouse mode is enabled (whatever is it) and mapping to keypress does not work anymore.
I don’t want any mouse mode, how to disable that?
@anon88919003 @lbernstone any ideas?