[19.2 Matrix] Cannot send HDR content to Foremovie Cinema 2


I am very new here. I just bought a Foremovie Cinema 2 and a VIM3L (Coreelec 9.2.8) to go alongside it.
I was surprised no to see anymore any HDR icon indicating I was actually sending the right data. I then started to investigate.
I first checked the info provided by mediainfo. Everything seems fine over there with 10-bits, YUV444, HDR10 and BT.2020nc.
I then started to look at dispinfo results and it can explain the problem. The HDR mode is 0 whereas the SDR is 1.
Can somebody help me to make sense of this file? http://ix.io/3Bb9
How can I fix the problem?

The Formovie C2 is definitely HDR and the HDMI 2.0 is enabled.

Migrate to CE-19 as it include some fixes about HDR/SDR. CE-9.2 is EOL.

Yes I am hoping to do that very soon. I am just waiting for the released 19.2 to be available as an image for the VIM3L.
From what I have read I cannot easily take the image from Coreelec directly.

I still imagine some people managed to make it work with the 9.2. I am also trying to figure out if something is wrong on the projector side as well. I do not have any blu-ray player I could use to test that.
Any idea?

Ok I just updated to 19.2.
It seems it did not really change anything for the HDR.

What can I check on?

From your log, CE is outputting HDR.

VIC: 93 3840x2160p24hz
Colour depth: 10-bit
Colourspace: YUV444
Colour range: default
YCC colour range: limited
Colourimetry: BT.2020nc
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