19.3-Matrix does not build anymore - missing files on server

have seen that with other branches as well and will run a test with the latest 19.4.rc.
Some files are missing or have changed sha256:

Could that mean a security issue?

Many regards, Dieter

19.4.rc4 has these download issues:

Are there any alternative downloads so I could manually copy to the right place?

Thanks a lot, Dieter

PS: You might now notice in your builds since the files are already there.

libretro-mame2016 really needs checksum updated. Open issue at LibreELEC.
kmscube is not used on CoreELEC.
ntfs-3g_ntfsprogs is ok.

but it wants to download kmscube and fails (“PROJECT=Amlogic-ce DEVICE=Amlogic-ng ARCH=aarch64 tools/download-tool”).

When I run this, this is missing as well (gone from server):
PROJECT=Amlogic-ce DEVICE=Amlogic-ng ARCH=aarch64 make image

My hope is still that I am doing something wrong. But my experience in job tells me something is wrong.
It is the mirror site, so nothing should be removed. Especially for current builds.

For external sites there is no control, but here it looks like CE team is in charge.

Hey, I do not complain! Just wanting to help making CE better.

Many regards, Dieter :slight_smile:

Don’t use tools/download-tool. I didn’t use it in my live and do builds almost every day.
ARCH is arm not aarch64.
No need to use PROJECT, DEVICE or ARCH. Just make image is enough.

Thanks Peter, that might help, will run a fresh build soon.
I was following LibreElec docs as recommended here in the forum.
Many regards, Dieter

Hi Peter,
thanks due to your help it now builds.
ARCH=arm was installed globally - seems not to disturb. As you wrote, just “make image” is sufficient.

I now can start to learn how to build plugins.
Many regards, Dieter

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For example
./scripts/create_addon system-tools

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