[19.3 Maxtrix] Vim 3 cannot power off via CE power menu

Hi, I’ve got my vim recently and got working CEC, WOL, Plex Connect but…
When I hit power off button in CE power menu my vim just halts or gets hard freeze state which can be resolved only using hard reset button. Meanwhile sleep mode or standby (blue led breathing) works just fine via power menu and CEC. It’s kinda strange, I only want power off because vim draws 1.2W from my outlet in sleep state.


Well thx, but it’s kinda reason why vim3 halts upon power off request, I did injection before I started this thread to make CEC properly work

Did you measure also in power off state? It’s common the power usage in power off is higher than in sleep. It’s never fully powered of as you need to wake it somehow.

Ok I gave up and did fresh install of khadas 19.2 image as I did first time and SUDDENLY all power options work as intended. I also double checked if blob affects it and if bluetooth DS4 as a controller affects somehow, none did. So… I will continue to investigate if PKC cause this problem.
BTW: Power Off condition consumes about 0.1A from 5V while Suspend condition draws 0.31-0.32A

@Portisch I found that PKC indeed breaks power off and reboot option hence causes halt condition. Terrible news :cry:
Also tried beta version, nothing changed

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