25fps 4K HDR


I’m still using Leia on my Vim 3 with 9.2.8 stable on a 5-6 year old LG OLED.
I should move on, but I usually only do that when stuff stops working. I find setting up stuff again is tiresome and I’ll need to read up on a lot of stuff that I don’t have time for atm. Doing the initial CE install was a bit out of my wheelhouse but I managed at the end.

Anyway, I noticed with TV shows in 4k HDR @ 25fps HDR refuses to lock down for some reason and my screen shows the HDR logo pulsating and the video goes from image to black every few seconds.

Anything I could try to fix it or it’s old hw/fw limitation or something?


What refresh rate you are outputting at - 25Hz or 50Hz?

I’m using “adjust display refresh rate on stop/start”.
Bringing up the Kodi info suggests it’s using 25fps which I guess might be the issue, but I’m not sure how to change that to do 50fps. Maybe through Whitelist? All settings there are de-selected as CE suggests.
System refresh rate is set to 60, but I think that’s more for the Kodi qui.

There’s an ‘allow double rate’ option alongside the ‘allow 3:2 output’ that will output p25 at p50 I think?

Thanks. I do see it in this picture:

However, I don’t see it in my Display settings and I’m using Expert mode. Maybe it’s skin related (I’m not fond of Estbury) or only available in Kodi 19 Matrix?
Would adding 3840x2160 50fps to Whitelist help?

Edit: Seems that adding 3840x2160 25fps (not 50fps) to the whitelist allows me to watch without breakups.
Hopefully it doesn’t cause other symptoms. TBD.

Your image is a broken link so I can’t see it.

Not all displays support 2160p25 - hence the option for double-frame rate at 2160p50 (each frame is displayed 2:2 - just as it is on European TV. On most displays this is effectively invisible)

However if your display supports 2160p25 input - then whitelisting it to allow it to be used for 2160p25 content makes sense, though I’ve not had issues with 2160p50 output of 2160p25 content in my experience.

It was just a picture of the setting you were talking about from here:
These two settings are not showing on mine. Either different skin is needed or the newer Kodi.

What I was trying to watch was a 4KR HDR TV show that mediainfo is reporting to be 25fps and so does the info on Kodi. Anyway, whitelisting the resolution and fps seems to work.


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