3 partitions - update script (?) @busybox-init


CE Image is created with 2 partitions, 512MB SYSTEM, and rest as STORAGE.

I had recently issues, with STORAGE, shared for system data and media data, as it runs out of space and cause serious issues after as consequences. I decided to use safer approach, creating 3 partitions next time:

  • DATA

where filled DATA (by mistake or whatever) didnt affect overall system health.

It easy enough to do resizing by myself, delete .resize_me_please, add DATA partition. My concerns are with packages\sysutils\busybox\scripts\init when using manual .update functionality.

Is it safe enough to assume, when using just .tar update files, STORAGE and DATA partitions wouldnt touched/changed?

I would expect when using image, there could be something, but when using just .tar, is update action safe to do, having 3 partitions instead 2 default?

My assumptions are that only bootloader and /flash files are affected when doing update, but having DATA there in future, I would like to have confirmation from you guys, as I could easilly overlook somthing in code, and better ask twice, than be sorry later :slight_smile:

Updating with .img.gz or with .tar gives exactly same result.

Adding third partition should not matter how CE works and should be ok.

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Thank you for the confirmation :slight_smile:

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