[370/463] [FAIL] install ppsspp

See also “/home/lz/EmuELEC/build.EmuELEC-Amlogic.aarch64-4.2/ppsspp-79e3d1c5f9c47899a786d8e3053df8557e006b96/.aarch64-libreelec-linux-gnueabi/CMakeFiles/CMakeError.log”.
FAILURE: scripts/install ppsspp has failed!
[370/463] [FAIL] install ppsspp

The following logs for this failure are available:
stdout: /home/lz/EmuELEC/build.EmuELEC-Amlogic.aarch64-4.2/.threads/logs/364/stdout
stderr: /home/lz/EmuELEC/build.EmuELEC-Amlogic.aarch64-4.2/.threads/logs/364/stderr

parallel: This job failed:
package_worker 1 364 463 ‘install ppsspp’
Parallel build failure - see log for details. Time of failure: Thu Jul 22 17:37:26 -03 2021
make: *** [Makefile:12: image] Erro 1

A post was merged into an existing topic: Help me Please [255/463] [FAIL] install qt-everywhere

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