3D Testing

Hi team,

I want to test this 3D Development file:Dolby Vision for Minix U22X-J (Max) and Ugoos AM6+ - #1201 by ragico.

On my Minix U22-XJ Max & Beelink GS king-X.

Can you make a dtb file for each box for me to try please.

Thank you.

Use forum search option to get your answer.

3D MKV movies worked with CoreELEC 20.5-Nexus

Can you share the build no. so i can try on my end, also the a snippet of the file. Thanks.

Sorry, I can’t provide a movie clip.

I think you are lying i just tried mk3d & mk mvc file on ce 20.5 minix u22-xj max and it does not work. @Portisch can you warn this person, they lying and deceiving forum members!

What kind of way is that, please? I can play 3D MKVs (H264) with CoreELEC 20.X-Nexus on my Minix U22-XJ Max. We can have a video conference. I had watched several 3D movies under 20.4

Well i can’t get it to work and you won’t provide exactly what you did to work, first got said 20.5 now 20.4, either you’re lying or confused with what 3D is.

Hi I’ve tried all 20.5 to 9.2.6 CE builds and it does not work on my minix u22-xjmax, can you share the build, settings in CE please?