4" HDMI Monitor

Hi I recently purchased one of these 4inch HDMI Display-C - LCD wiki to work on a Radxa Zero.
I am trying to work out how to set a custom resolution of 800x480 and also rotate by 270 degrees.
Currently the GPU mode is 1080p so guess the HDMI hardware is downscaling to native resolution but also the output is portrait not landscape so ends up 480x800

In config.ini a custom hdmi mode but there are a lot of params I don’t know and can the be fetched/calculated from somewhere?

Its using the raspberry variable naming structure and from LCD-show/MPI4008-show at master · goodtft/LCD-show · GitHub much isn’t applicable

sudo echo "hdmi_group=2" >> ./boot/config.txt.bak
sudo echo "hdmi_mode=1" >> ./boot/config.txt.bak
sudo echo "hdmi_mode=87" >> ./boot/config.txt.bak
sudo echo "hdmi_drive=2" >> ./boot/config.txt.bak
sudo echo "hdmi_cvt 480 800 60 6 0 0 0" >> ./boot/config.txt.bak
# HDMI custom mode
#   You can use this setting to set a custom video mode
#   modeline "horpixels,verpixels,pixel_clock,hor_freq,ver_freq,hdisp,hsyncstart,hsyncend,htotal,vdisp,
#             vsyncstart,vsyncend,vtotal,hsync_polarity,vsync_polarity,progress_mode"
#   Example for 1920x1080p@60hz
# modeline='1920,1080,148500,67500,60,1920,2008,2052,2200,1080,1084,1088,1125,1,1,1'

Anyone got any info on the pixel_clock, hor_freq, ver_freq, hdisp, hsyncstart, hsyncend, htotal,vdisp, vsyncstart, vsyncend, vtotal, hsync_polarity, vsync_polarity, progress_mode
Or like raspberry is there such a thing as hdmigroup=2 so that hdmimode=87 can be set.
Also can not seem to find any info on rotate but presume if custommode then it depends on axis supplied?

Presume its similar to the other 4" they do which uses.
hdmi_timings=480 0 40 10 80 800 0 13 3 32 0 0 0 60 0 32000000 3

hdmi_timings=<h_active_pixels> <h_sync_polarity> <h_front_porch> <h_sync_pulse> <h_back_porch> <v_active_lines> <v_sync_polarity> <v_front_porch> <v_sync_pulse> <v_back_porch> <v_sync_offset_a> <v_sync_offset_b> <pixel_rep> <frame_rate> <interlaced> <pixel_freq> <aspect_ratio>

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