4K@60hz and 4K@50hz

Amazing work. Thank you. My question is;
I have a 4K TV and S912 device that both support 4K@60hz and 4K@50hz.
I set 4K@60hz in CoreELEC settings and whitelisted 4K@60hz and 4K@50hz.
However, although the “Adjust display refresh rate” Always setting is switched, I can’t see the 25hz videos in 4k@50hz. 4k@60hz continues. No adjustment.
How can I fix that problem?

One thing first: You should use the default resolution for Kodi gui set to 1080p 60fps as there are no need for the gui to be in 4K. I assume you prefer a stable and swift gui…)

Regarding the resolution change, use the default settings and whitelist the resolutions your TV supports. Kodi should take care of everything else. The only issue which you have to modify currently now is to manually set the playback to 444,10bit if playback of HDR10 content. If you think there is an issue, upload some logs or look at the logs by yourself. Check the system.log for

vout_serve: vinfo mode is: 2160p24hz
vout_serve: new mode 2160p24hz set ok
hdmitx: video: get current mode: 2160p24hz

If I set Kodi gui to 1080p 60fps, all videos play with 1080p 60fps or 50fps (Whitelisted: 4k@60, 4k@50, 1080@60hz, 1080@50hz)

There should be a resolution change at playback. We can look into it if you activate logging and upload some logs :wink:

Update: https://discourse.coreelec.org/t/how-to-get-logs-and-upload-them/1431

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