4k/Disable gui scaling - gui is renderd on part of screen

That’s how it looks:

It seems gui is not scaled indeed, but still rendered in hd, not 4k. How to fix that?

Same issue here…

The same thing happened to me on an X96Air when installing it on a microSD. Install CoreELEC in the internal memory and adjust Video player and system screen refresh and for now I am going 4K in full screen. I’m also with Skin Unfussy because Aeon Nox did it to me again.

At the moment good.

This was happening on my n2 all the time,ive had alot issues with the recent fw releases,kodi would constantly crash or freeze forcing me to reboot,didnt have any problems like this on 9.2.2 so I’ve went to 9.2.2 and all is good again

You all need to reset your GUI calibration in Kodi (or remove it from AdvancedSettings.xml).