4k h264 problems

My IPTV provider is testing a few football matches in 4k. The format is h264 with aac stereo audio.
When I test this channel on coreelec 9.2.5 (S912 x96 box (2G/16G) the audio is fine but the framerate on the video is very slow. Its not jerky like its 5fps and skipping frames. Its smooth just the players seem to be moving slowly. This doesn’t happen when using windows and kodi so I can only imagine its something with either the box or coreelec. What can I provide to help diagnose the issue?
I should add if I play a hevc 4k 80mbps test file over the lan it plays smooth as silk.

H264 is not the best solution for 4k stream.
It possible that your stream has more than 30fps.
If I remember SOC specification it has 30 fps limit for 4k H264.

Yes it does. Its a 60FPS stream. So thats the answer then. The SoC doesn’t support 60fps, I never considered looking at that.
Thanks for your reply.

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