4k HDR and Atmos/DTS:X passtrough to Av receiver

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I would like to buy either a Khadas VIM3L or a Odroid N2. I made a little research here on forum but I did not see an exact explanation if they are capable of playing 4k HDR (30 fps) without drops, and passtrough audio to receiver. I would just like to use them as a daily use Media Player, either streaming from a NAS or using Plex Media to play them .
Can please someone explain if these devices can do that? I own an Xbox One S and I am not pleased that the internal app cannot let Atmos/DTS:X to my receiver. When using plex media player, it has to transcode true-hd or other hd audio to aac :frowning: I just want to play my 4k remuxes on my television.

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Both of them will do what you want.


It matters which version Odroid N2 2gb/4gb I buy , in order to achieve my goals of playing 4k hdr and audio passtrough?

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No, it doesn’t matter at all. Most people will be fine with the 2GB model unless you know that you want to run more demanding applications in background which are memory greedy…

So I can confirm that 4K with HDR10 and TrueHD Atmos / DTS-X passthrough will work perfectly fine for both models :slight_smile:

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hijacking the thread (sorry) if I stream emby/youtube/netflix/iptv would 2gb be enough on the odroid n2?

This is a question you should ask in one of the more general odroid-n2 threads… However, the answer is yes, 2GB will be sufficient enough for streaming usage :+1:

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Is the Raspberry Pi4 capable of delivering the same results? 4k and HDR? It Is more accessible in my country.

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Not right now, and not with CE.

Do any of these devices support also playback of 4k HDR and hd audio passtrough ?

TV BOX Mecool M8S PRO L 4K

TV Box Beelink GT1 Ultimate 3GB DDR4 + 32GB EMMC

Thank you

With CoreELEC, yes.
But I would go with a S905X2 unit rather than S912.

so, you are saying that any box with S905X2 CPU will be capable of delivering my needs ?
I am looking for the cheapest solution just for movie playback on my Home Cinema. I do not care for netflix or youtube. For that I have XBOX ONE S.

Can you please advise a cheap SBC/TV box that can do that ?

Thank you very much !

I can’t really make recommendations, but you can look at the N2 and VIM3/VIM3L for SBC.
There are a bunch of threads about S905X2 and S922X boxes. All depends on your budget.
Devices running the -ng builds don’t support LPCM, but all HD audio formats can be bitstreamed.
HDR10 in -ng builds also outputs correct metadata to the display.

What is “-ng” buids?

Builds for newer SoCs, like the S922X/S905X2 and other chips of that generation.

Bitstream is all that I need , I do not need internal decoding of the box.