5 inch screen turning black after boot

Hello everyone. When I boot up CoreELEC 20.1 for Odroid C4 on my 5-inch 800x480p display, all I see is the boot-up screen for around 10 seconds, then it glitches out and I get a black screen with only my cursor. However, when I switch my display to my TV, it boots up fine. So when I boot CoreELEC on the TV and then switch it back to my 5-inch display, it will work fine on my 5-inch display. It only gets stuck booting when just the 5-inch display is booting.

Solutions I have tried:
Manually setting the resolution in the Config,
Going into SSH and setting the hdmi_mode and output_mode,
Switching HDMI cables (multiple times),
Downloading different versions of the operating system (19.5, and the newest version of legacy),

I am exhausted from all of the attempts, so any help is appreciated. Much thanks, Tango.