5Ghz wifi preferred?

is any chance to make 5Ghz wifi preferred in Coreelec settings? Or is there any chance to force any box connect only to 5Ghz wifi?
I have Dual band router (placed next by my box) with same wifi name and my box sometimes connect to 2,4Ghz wifi. I know, that ethernet cable is the best way how to connect box to the internet, but my box has only 100 Mbit ethernet port.

Thank you for reply.

How about you set separate wifi channels in the router, then they will show in CE settings

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Set 5GHz network with a different name, and when the box connects to it, remove the 2.4GHz from the list.

Thanks for your suggestion, I know about that posibilities, but I want to have 1 wifi name for both bands.
On some devices, for example in Windows, you can settup, which band is preferred.
I assume, that such option is not avalaible in Coreelec.
But is it so, because this option was not requested or it is impossible to make such option?

Personally, I do not want the 5G set to default.

Sorry, but I didn’t catch your point. What do you mean by this?

Personally, I do not want the 5G set to default.

I don’t want this option

For what reason?

I have more mobile devices and I thougt, that this is the best way, how the devices will reconnect to the same SSID. If the name will be different, the device will be connected to the first SSID till it will lost the signal. Therefore is it better to use same name for both bands.

It makes no difference (except if your router can make use of it, supports “Band Steering”) if they have the same name or different names. Devices do not connect to a “SSID-Name” but to communication channels. When a device looses signal on one channel/band it will seek any other signal with same or different SSID. After loosing signal on one channel/band, connecting to other signal on other channel/band is not shorter if SSID names are the same.

Sho, are you sure about this, for example say i have the same ssid name on routers in different areas of the house… say i move to a new router room but the signal from the previous room is still available, but weak. Wont the client choose to switch to the closer router with better signal, because it has the same ssid? But if the ssid was different it wouldnt choose the new router until the signal was lost, not just weak.

I admit i have no idea and i’ve been looking for an expert on this

And this is why the alternative suggestion of separating channels by name on the router is the best course of action because there would seem to be no reason for one persons preference to have any greater weight than another in this particular instance.

Yeah, that could be a great rabbit hole one day, here’s one opening.

Well, I’m not expert on this :slight_smile:
You are probably right that with the same SSID you will get better connection moving through the house, and that is probably the reason WiFi Extenders work with same SSID as the router.

The solution then depends on your router’s WiFi options/possibilities. If it can blacklist box’s MAC address on 2,4GHz network, that would allow connection only to 5GHz WiFi network…

Edit: did you try using different passwords on your 2,4 and 5GHz networks with same SSID, and then delete the 2,4GHz WiFi network on your box to let it connect only to 5GHZ?

Btw, do you really need the 2,4 GHz WiFi, I don’t use for quite a while, only 5GHz.

I’d be surprised if you couldn’t achieve this with connmanctl from the command line, if you can give up on the CoreELEC settings requirement. (Or atleast make it only connect to 5Ghz)

I don’t have a possibility to try it out right now and I use different name for 2,4Ghz and 5Ghz but maybe this cheat sheet can get you started.

Thanks you all for advise.
@Sholander - so the best solution should be:

  1. Different name of SSID - but I do not recommend this one
  2. Different password for the same SSID should also work
  3. Extra SSID only for TVbox

@Rascal - maybe you have right, but this is for me little bit difficult … Some manual will help.

Anyway I thing, that the easiest solution for all users will be, if Coreelec will have function, where every user will be able to setup own preferred option for wifi connections.
It will be great, if some developer will reply to this request and maybe he will explain, that it is not so easy to build such function :slight_smile: .

Is there another deice of any kind on the planet that does this?

I’ve never come across one.

The easiest solution IMO is for users to take control of the setup and management of their networks to gain the best function of the software and hardware that utilises it.

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Every device with Windows OS. In driver options for Wifi card you can setup, which band will be preferred :wink:

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