8.90.1 S912 boot to internal not working --> will be fixed in 8.90.2


when i select boot to internal, nothing happens.
known issue or function not enabled?


Just try reboot right after ‘Reboot to Internal’

This will be fixed in 8.90.2.

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okay with selecting reboot it works :smiley:

Good to know!
Do we have a date yet 8.90.2?

Imminent, any day now . . .

It’s just been released, let us know your feedback :slight_smile:

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It does work with the default skin, but not as a shortcut from other skins. No big deal because it’s easy enough to add a 2 line script (to reset after calling rebootfromnand ), and point the shortcut at that instead :wink:

Here 24 hours running smooth, remote control back to normal more vivid colors

I have a small problem with AXN channel audio some small cuts
in 3 minutes sometimes in 5 minutes
nothing else that hinders, very good every day better the coreelec!

Here in Brazil We are already announcing your work.

Soon we will open an exclusive topic coreelec