8.90.3 59.94 Refresh rate flicker

Well, it doesn’t really flicker, it more blinks on and off every few seconds. I switched my MeCool BB2 to a Vizio P65-E1 TV, so I’m not really sure if the previous build did it.

Why would you use 59.94? Use 60Hz.
The Vizio can easily interpret 24 FPS content out of a 60Hz signal.
You can also just add 24FPS resolutions to the whitelist, and it’ll switch automatically.

59.94 is more accurate for NTSC playback.

That said, it’s blanking even at 60Hz. I tried switching my cable a few times so it’s not that. Probably the TV, it seems to have some problems with various devices.

Also, why would I want to feed a 60Hz signal to a TV that can display 23.97 correctly? Just have it auto-switch refresh rates.

You need to get a HDMI Premium Certified cable. Vizio TVs are notorious for being picky about cables. I have a M60-D1, so I’m speaking from personal experience. There are monoprice cables, they are cheap and good quality.