8.90.4 and Tvheadend

Thank you to all the creators of this amazing software :slight_smile:
However, I have a problem with my K1 Plus S2 + T2 (China). After upgrading from 8.90.2 to 8.90.4 Tvheadend server stopped :frowning: I cleared the cache memory and refreshed the repetitories, downloaded all updates and still did not start the tvheadend server. :frowning:
In the screen attachments from the attempt to “manually” run the server (putty) and logs

log and debug.zip (867,6 KB)

Delete the Tvheadend42 addon folder in the .kodi/addons folder and in the userdata/addons folder. Do the same for the tvh.pvr folders.
Reinstall both from the Coreelec repository.

Unfortunately this will mean that you will have to rescan your sats and reconfigure your channels.

The version of Tvheadend changed in some fundamental way between these builds and having any carry over of the data or setting will likely prevent the addon from launching. i had similar issues with my migration and when I tried copying over my old Tvheadend42 folder from 8.90.2 it prevented the service from launching. However after clearing out the old and reinstalling the new everything worked again.


This could help to restore.

Thank you for the tips. After starting from the beginning of Tvheaden and scanning the satellite, everything works :). Unfortunately, it was very laborious :frowning: At my TVHTagRestore, unfortunately, it did not work.I do not know why but now assigned other picones than the previous version of TVH. Thank you again for the tips