8.90.5 2.4GHz remote volume not working

In the previous version sometimes the remote keys stopped working once I was using TVH. Since 8.90.5 my USB remote works as always but without the volume buttons. The mute button works, I can see the red symbol in the right corner but sound remains. Did I miss something? I’m on a S905 K1 Plus box.

In case let me know how I can provide logs for this issue.

try this addon https://kodi.wiki/view/Keymap

I just installed it. Went into the “Global->Audio” and set volume up/volume down. Keypress is detected by the addon but after saving these buttons still don’t work.

Seems to be another problem.

Try after reboot

Sounds like you have passthrough enabled.
When Audio is passed through to your receiver (or even TV) unprocessed by the box, you can’t control the volume from Kodi.

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After the reboot it works. I will check if it keeps working now. Thanks.

It does not work anymore. Another button I mapped still works whereas volume does not.

This let’s me think of a bug. What do you think?

Are you sure it doesn’t work at all, or does it just not repeat?
I’d just remap it again (could be a settings file is corrupt somewhere).

It does not work at all. I restarted and it works again. I was once talking with @anon88919003 or @afl1 about it. Back then it was told to me that it is a known TVH bug.

As @TheCoolest stated, this only happens when pass-through is enabled, in this case you need to use your TV remote volume control.

So, that implies pass through is activating randomly? Cause I didn’t change anything at all.

Try making a backup copy of the /storage/.kodi/userdata/keymaps/gen.xml file created by the Keymap Editor addon. Then you only need to copy it back into /storage/.kodi/userdata/keymaps to restore your setup. If this happens frequently, maybe add it to /.config/autostart.sh

I don’t think the keymaps get lost. Cause I can see it mapped even if it does not work.

I can tell you one thing about this issue, it appears after a restart and once it is there it does not stop. Could be after another restart I’m lucky again.

Presuming you don’t have passthrough enabled, maybe there is a problem with your storage media (SD/USB) ?

Try the IR remote, if volume still does not adjust then problmem is pass-through enabled.

Mecool KI pro - 8.95.0 I have noticed the volume controls failing on a trio of occasions now. They seem to reappear and work ok if I reboot. Passthrough is disabled.

When they fail it’s impossible to control the volume through either the RF remote or the IR. The volume control bar that would normally appear doesn’t appear. The on screen volume controls also don’t work. But a reboot reinstates everything.