8.90.5 forced subs MKV short judder -->solved


MKVs with forced subs i have short judder, not all the time but often.
It was also on 8.90.4.
On 8.90.3 not sure, have to test.

Just an information.

Minix U9

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It is known for ever, on most S912 boxes.
For solution, use software decoding, or with hardware decoding add a line in advancedsettings.xml to disable “dirty regions”

okay, was not aware its still a problem and i read about it but about external subtitles and not forced ones.
will use the advancedsettings.xml.

thx a lot !

Are there any downsides to disabling dirty regions on S912 boxes?

EDIT: Tried it myself, turns out it causes excessive CPU load and high idle temps.

On my X92 box, only idle CPU is increased which results in 4-5°C temp rise. For me not a problem because the box runs normaly in play mode at 45-48°C, and when idle 50-54°C. So it does not bother me at least. (All this temps with overclocked GPU; without overclock they are even 3-4°C lower)

I live in a hot climate, so for me, with dirty regions disabled, idle is at 65 C which is a bit high for my liking. Without it, im idling at 56

65 c is nothing to worry about. 80 c would be the shutdown limit on your box.

I would be willing to make that tradeoff if i actually saw some improvement in the GUI performance, but it seems the same. The subtitles stutter isn’t that noticable anyway

“Dirty regions” has nothing to do with GUI performance.
If you seek better GUI performance, then forget dirty regions and overclock your GPU. Overclocking also raises the temperatures several °C, but results in better GUI fluidity and responsiveness.

Already overcloked the GPU. For me it doesnt seem to affect temps, idle temps at least.

I notice that the problem has returned to version 8.95

Use 8.95.0 version

I was wrong, I have the latest version (8.95.0)
And the problem is present …

You do that a lot…, which causes unnecessary responds…

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Diplomacy level and relevance, we will go back. Short. I resume. I have the latest version, 8.95.0, and the jerks on the subtitles are back. Do you know why ?

… Because disable dirty regions by default is not longer there.

@punkid you can add extra cooling to your device if you are concerned about the temperatures.

@Bindou please try to read posts rather than trying to incite hostility, the answer to this topic was given by @Sholander in post #2, if you still can not understand then here is a link to the advancedsettings.xml that you need to use.

As stated previously this will increase CPU temperature whilst idling on the GUI, there is no solution to this due to the fact that there is no compatible Linux libMali blob available for the S912 SoC and the fact that S912 users are forced to use Android libMali with libhybris and Android gralloc.

End of discussion.