8.95.3 Lag/CPU

  • S905
  • CoreELEC 8.95.3
  • Embuary / Kodi for Emby

Noticed that CPU usage has skyrocketed this build; usually happens after a few movies/LiveTV playback. See it as “lag”, top reports:

Anything I can do to troubleshoot this further? Current screenshot is during playback from NAS(via SMB) to box. See the same stats even when not playing back. See symptoms like artwork not loading, long loading times skin-wise and a few other long delays.

You can try to return back to default skin and check if issue still persist

@boot2k3 fair enough - I upgraded from previous build without issue and didn’t have this issue.

EDIT: Interestingly enough, the box has been idle for at for several hours now:

In any case it is something kodi related (skin, addons, kodi version)
As I said before you can try default skin first, nightly build or previous build and disable some non-default addons.