8.95.3 - "Reboot" powers off system


This morning I performed a fresh install of 8.95.3 to a Mecool KI Pro and both reboot options in the power menu (regular reboot and reboot to nand) both appear to power off the device. At least there is no signal being sent to the TV. I left it a few minutes then pulled the plug and booted it back up again, which was fine. I downgraded to 8.95.2 and reboot works as expected. I’m installed to internal.

I can’t post any logs right now but if they’re needed I can do so later.

After uploading the tar file to upgrade from 8.95.2 to .3 I had the same problem. I think the reboot, just puts it into suspend,(I have a blue LED that doesn’t go out) the remote, then doesn’t work, so I had to pull the power lead.

I tried various things, fresh install of newer image, upgrade again, not sure what happened, but it is now working as it should

I have installed to external usb.

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Interesting. I’m not sure what my LED was doing as I have a big piece of black tape over it! :smiley:

Confirmed, noticed the same behaviour in .3

Both ‘Reboots’ work as expected on my MiniMX (S905) and X96 (S905X) boxes.

This is still happening for me in build 8.95.4