8.95.3, S912, black screen while skipping forward or backward

I do not have this problem in 8.95.2, but in 8,95.3 when I skip my video forward by 30 s (or any other value for that matter) the video turn black for a fraction of a second. The overlay showing the seek bar is visible at all times. In 8.95.2, when I skip, it goes from the original frame to the next frame without this black phase in between. Any solutions?

I’m sorry but we can’t help with such little information.

You have given no indication as to what file type you are playing, no logs and not even a sample of the file.

I looked into more details of my problem. I only have this problem with x265 (hevc) files. I am attaching a log. The problem disappears when I turn off hardware acceleration although video playback is choppy. I do not see this problem with x264 files with hardware acceleration turned on.
I first played the file without hardware acceleration and then again with HWacc turned on in the attached log file.