8.95.6 VIM2 dvb-s tuner not working

I have recently moved from the Nightlies to the 8.95.6 build on a Khadas VIM2.
I run a TVTwin Sat>IP tuner along with the Khadas Sat dvb-S/T tuner card.
Since upgrading TVH seems only to want to use the Sat>IP and stops switching channels after the first tune even on the SAT>IP The Khadas card refuses to tune to the dvb-s on any TV channels, but it does allow tuning to radio channels on both the dvb-S/T. I am using the Crazy Cats TBS drivers.

It would seem that the AVL6862 is broken in a similar way to how it was originally. Its possible that there is a carry over incompatibility between the nightlies and 8.95.6


@afl1 originally got the VIM2 tuner working, the driver was recently updated to make it compatible for mainline so there could be an issue there, none of us have this device and board except him so hopefully he will pick this up and can look at it.

It seems to be a problem with TVH rather than the driver. The interaction between the onboard tuner and the SAT > IP is very unstable. If they both share the same Network each seems reluctant to hand over tuning to the other and this usually manifests as the SAT > IP simply disappearing from the adapters list, but recently it has locked up the Khadas board after the first tune as well.

On a hunch I decided to setup separate Networks for each of the adapters and since I did this I have had a stable setup. Fundamentally I think the problems I am having is the way that TVH handles the SAT > IP standard, and that the SAT > IP tuner I have is not fully compliant with the SAT > IP communication standard.


We will be doing a new release very shortly, so can you test that and then report back, thanks.

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