8k playback buffer and lags on S905X3

Test file: 858.75 MB file on MEGA

VontarX3 - audio is out of sync, lags and buffering. On phone (Op9 Pro) playback is fine. File is 7680x4320/30 fps hevc, bitrate is 100 Mbps.

Any tips?

Yes, get a box with hardware at least as strong as Op9 Pro.
Your comparison is similar to compering Ford Fiesta with a Ferrari :wink:

From what I recall, the first iteration of the S905X3 did not support 8k and the later S905X3-B did support it up to 24fps, so even if the OP has the B model, his sample video is 30fps, so will not be supported anyway.

I think the S905X4 only supports 8k up to 24fps too.

The S908X seems likely to have wider support for 8k but with all the chips shortages right now, it would not surprise me if we don’t get to see any boxes based on this SOC until 2022.

Manufacturer promised 8k/30 fps support. But 8k taken with Op9 pro does not play correctly. As well as 4k/120 fps hevc.

I think problem is very high bitrate in this case

Is the video being played back from the box itself, or through network?
Is the network connection fast enough? I’ve tested 8K playback from YouTube, and it works fine for 8K 30FPS content. If this video doesn’t work well, it’s most likely that the hardware just can’t really handle it.

From sd card. Have you tried file I posted? In general, 8k/30 fps should be supported. But, first issue playback is not smooth, second - while playback, it shows osd and jumps a few seconds without any my action, third - audio is delayed.

4k/120 fps is better a bit, but still it auto jumps - skip forward a few seconds without any reason.

YouTube videos are not hevc and much lower bitrate.

On N2+ it’s also not smooth on camera movements, may be video record issue or decoding not smooth. But I have no issues with jumping

I think your manufacturer lied.

Even on adverts that I have seen that mention 8k, they also state a maximum of 24fps.

And if the SOC specs don’t support it then no box manufacturer can make it work.

Try shooting a 24fps sample on your phone and testing that.

It’s recorded not smooth fully, so that’s ok. Btw, that phone does not allow 24 fps. For 8k, 30 fps is the only choice.

Other resolutions allow multiple of 30 fps also, 24 is not supported

I have a 8K HEVC sample, although it’s 24FPS. It plays perfectly fine.
Seems like the SoC doesn’t like the way the video is encoded.

Actually, 8k is overkill today. But curtently there’s no way to play it, on PC with software decoding, not possibile because hevc is decoded only on single cpu core.

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