9.0.3 Discussion

Just to be sure - I need one more kodi device at home and wanna go with the N2 device…
What do I need; the board itself, sd card/emmc, power supply & case?

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exact - go for eMMC its incredible fast

two questions :slightly_smiling_face:

  1. is it possible to play 3D full hd mkv with this build (no side to side/ over and under)?
  2. is tone mapping 4k hdr -> sdr working?


Looks like it’s time to pull the trigger on the N2. Can someone confirm CE stable working without issue? Also is there any difference in performance between 2GB and 4GB variant?
I assume I can use my eMMC card purchased with the C2, right?

Same here on S905. MCE usb isn’t working on 9.0.3.
It (MCE usb) also works on the latest nightly (2019.07.02) on my S905X, so I guess something odd has happened here.
I’ve rolled back to 9.0.2 for the moment but am happy to test / post logs from 9.0.2 / 9.0.3 / nightly if needed.

Why do you need external USB IR reiceiver? I removed IR USB drivers from DVB drivers addons, as there are compatibility issues. Anyway, I added support for IR MCE USB in kernel.

Because I find the onboard IR range is quite poor on my devices from where I sit, so just stick my MCE USB Receiver in and run the cable to the TV for good range.

You can try next nightlies for IR MCE.

I guess it isn’t strictly needed.
But for me…
Because the internal isn’t as good on every device.
Because one device is in a cupboard.
Because another device is behind a tv.
Because it means I can use the same setup on every device (CE or other).
Because I can stick a receiver next to my tv’s ir receiver.

It’s working on 2019.07.02 - do you mean that one, or the next to be released?

After update 9.0.3 not work pvr iptv simple client … not playing tv stream , only radio stream

Next release.

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  1. No
  2. Yes

It should be good, we didn’t have any complaints in the nightly/test threads.
2GB should be ok, and the C2 eMMC should work. But you will need a new PSU.


Just trying to figure out if this is an issue on my end. When this update was released, there was an update to inputstream adaptive on my 9.0.2 box, but afaict, with same version number. This “update” seems to have been pushed to the 9.0.2 channel. I say “update”, because the version number is the same as mid June update. Anyway, since update, inputstream is broken. How can I install the version I was using until today? Or do I have to switch to 9.0.3? Thank you.

Nice, going to update my N2 to 9.0.3 shortly here. Probably stay on the stable releases now, excellent.

Which version did you run, which number ?
Here you have all versions you can try.
But, update to 9.0.3 would be a better solution…

I can’t confirm, tv works fine for me.

Thanks. Odroid UK seems to ship it with PSU though :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for clarify , is it blocked from the Hardware side that 3D FullHD is not playable?

I’m also interested in this function if possible. Mean won’t have to burn to a BDR to play in my Bluray player.

Hmm, I didnt hit freezes on my C2’s before (9.0.1, 9.0.2). Must check, if I have enabled deinterlacing or not, but I think its enabled. Finally I have also DVB-T2 signal at home so I could do TV signal tests also (MPEG2 on DVBT and H265 on DVBT2 on my country)