9.0.3 Discussion

My AVR is not connected ! I am directly connected to the TV

Okay, we can rule out your AVR then for sure :wink:

I’m sure, @TheCoolest already suggested it, but try to activate the YUV422 option in CE settings.
Does it happen, when setting your GUI to 1080p or 3840p?

Thanks yes we already tried that

All fine with me and 9.0.3. I really miss an option to adjust subtitle height. Or does this exists and i dont know where it is?

This is a Kodi thing, we didn’t remove any features.

The one thing noticed is I did a new install on a MeCool KM8 P. The strange thing is it worked, I know that should not be strange the thing is I had forgotten to copy the dtb.img and it worked without it.

Do you mean subtitle height as in how high on the tv the subtitles appear: thats in display video calibration

If you mean how tall the subtitle letters are, that i dont know

Is there a reason I’m not seeing 9.0.3 in available versions under CoreELEC settings? I’m on 9.0.1 and I see 9.0.2 available. I have an Odroid C2

The size of the subtitles can be adjusted here:
Settings > Player > Language > section “Subtitles” > Size

Wait, what? :slight_smile:

@Portisch I’m still getting the same bluetooth dbus error in v9.0.3 when trying to connect my Harmony Hub based remote. dmesg | paste link is http://ix.io/1NTY

Any assistance would be very appreciated as I’d rather not have to fresh install as I’ve got Kodi setup how I like with all menus and file locations done.

I can connect the Harmony remote to the normal Android OS side, just not when I boot CoreElec.


Hi, using Odrod N2, do the 9.0.3 adds support of AAC multichanel?

Other than this in the previous releases, the device is perfect for my needs, good PQ, speed and support, congrats for the good work.

Thanks a lot for the update guys, it’s working perfectly on my two S905X boxes.

  • Odroid N2 fully supported? If so, time to order one.
  • Link for $ donations?

@pviader Not yet, this is a kernel limitation. afl1 is looking into it, but we can’t say for sure whether it will be implemented by us or not.

@blademan Define “Fully”. Everything we planned to support and more is working great.
We do not accept donations :slight_smile:

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Thanks @TeCoolest

Do you know that you can set channels number to 2.0 and enable AC3 transcoding as a workaround?

Do any of you guys know what happened to the ‘UI FPS limiter during playback’ setting, I don’t remember what it was called exactly. IIRC it was set to something like 10 FPS by default.

I don’t remember a setting like that… Maybe it was specific to some boxes.