9.2.0 Discussion

9.2.0 runs nicely on my N2, even simpletv plugin seems snappier, Great work!

Hi everyone.
Running 9.0.3 as a charm on a GT1 Ultimate and another box, but never managed to hear sound with DTS HDMA files (even if my Denon AVR plays it well with VLC or other) with correct config in Kodi. Does this version will play it correctly ?
But the main purpose of my post is the following:
Auto update is enabled but it don’t seem to work as it should be. I mean, 1 day the update is available and no information to reboot after update or anything (ethernet connexion, not wifi). Even if I reboot after running the box half an hour or even more.
Is there any trouble with auto update on 9.0.3 ?
Many thanks for your help from France !!

Download appropriate .tar file from here, place it in storage/.update folder and reboot.

For some time after release was uploaded automatic updates are disabled.
If no critical issues will be reported for this time then it will be enabled.

And DTS HDMA should work in 9.0.3 too… It works on my ONKYO AVR

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Thanks a lot… for both answers !!
DTS HDMA is the only sound format that is not working under 9.0.3 when it plays well DD+ or any other format.
I don’t understand why…

Updated 4 boxes. A95X , km8p, meelo UNO and x92.

On the UNO the update broke TVHEADEND, Upgraded TVHeadend server and client to latest and that fixed it.

Iplayer_WWW broke on the x92 our main TV box. The file goes to start then stops. It works on the A95X and the KM8P . I had to remove it and re-install it to get it working updating did not work. I suspect it was probably one of the dependencies.

Finally the biggest problem for me is I can no longer access any media on my HTTP/S shares that contains an ‘&’ Character. So anything in say the “Law & Order” directory is no longer visible and files such as “fred & wilma.mkv” are no longer available. I could go through all my media and change the ‘&’ to ‘and’. I had to do this previously with the ‘+’ character and change it to “and”.

How does your AVR connected?
Check with this guide

Same as last column, exepted that I kept audio channel to 2.0 instead of 7.1 as specs recommendations I seen in another wiki.
Maybe issue is here…
I’ll try tomorrow to change it and we’ll see if it’s better.
Edit : I use passthrough so number of channel is not relevant in this case…
I need to find something else…

Had the same problem with “:” character in the past. Lost almost 50 movies because of it. Never tried again to add this kind of character like “#”, “&”, etc…

Problem is couchpotato and sickbeard name/rename them automatically. It was only “+” character that was a problem for me before.

I would also like to know…is there anybody out there??

If I understand your question correctly

Tvheadend client does not work. What to do? I lost pvr after upgrade

I have problems too with tvheadend. On a wetek play 2.
I upgraded tvheadend server and client after coreelec upgrade.

No dvb adapters.

A strange behaviour… If i change dvb driver (from the last kernesl or crazycat) and reboot, sometimes there is a dvb adapter, sometines not… Whe there is adapter, all seems fine until I try to play any tv channels. It doesn’t play. Tvheadend stop responding on web gui, but it seems still working on system, “systemctl status service.tvheadend42” says is all ok…

I’m a bit lost…

I made a backup before update (ver. 9.0.3) but restore doesn’t work… at least from coreelec addon restore option. Is there other way to go back?

Just read a few post back.

I use only tvheadend client, but it does not work anymore. Any solution?

Read previous posts in this thread regarding addons, if you chose to ignore advice then no help will be provided.

I missing the WiFi-driver for the ap6234 Modul.

Or is it already supported?

I would like to operate a Z83-V box with CE, which did not run about a year ago.

@tosa for specific hardware support please make a post in Hardware subcategory here.

We can work on adding support then if it doesn’t already exist, this is not the place for something that could run into many posts.

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This fixed it, thanks. I disabled about 5 addons including SFTP.
When I updated repos/addons, I found the coreelec VFS version of SFTP was one level lower than the Kodi repo one I was using with 9.0.3, so (obviously update didn’t downgrade) I uninstalled the newer Kodi version and installed the CoreElec version, which seems to work well.
Thanks again.

BTW, should I be using addons from the CoreElec repo instead of Kodi, where available?
I’ll assume yes from now on, unless instructed otherwise. Just asking as I saw the TVHeadend client question in the thread.