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Please use this thread for general 9.2.0 discussion

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I manually updated by Beelink GT1 Ultimate using the .tar, and had a black screen after the update (no error message). Box didn’t respond to ping, I had to unplug it, and then it booted correctly.

Upgraded my 9.0.3 Nexbox A1 S912 box to 9.2 and only boots in safe mode now.
Need to restore to turn on logging (which takes hours to restore the usb image) so will turn on logs for the next attempt. Just thought it worth a heads up.

Did you have any binary addons enabled before you updated? that will most likely be the cause of the issue.

Because this is a major update and not just a version bump it’s recommended that before you update that you disable any binary addons that may be started before Kodi can update it’s addons such as the vfs addons like vfs.sftp. Then after the update make sure you refresh your addon repos and install any updated addons, before re-enabling them.

Ahh. Indeed I do use sftp. I’ll disable all addons next time.
Thanks mate.

In my case, no binary addon, it’s a fresh install from last week.

the sister model for gt king the “orbsmart s86” could also be added to the compatibility list.

where i find " ability to turn on/off 5v power during power-off/sleep on ODROID-N2" in odroid?

i tried in config.ini but nothing

Did the update from the previous version on my S905X X96 box and it now starts into safe mode:


Only had the YouTube and sftp addons installed.

@LeSpark as explained in my previous post you need to disable and update vfs.sftp.

Sorry, i forgot: The sftp addon doesn’t even seem to be installed now after the update to 9.2.0.

Do i have to do a fresh installation because i didn’t disable it before the update?

Edit: Please ignore, i just did a fresh install.

after the 9.2.0 update, my GTK and GT1 ultimate. all went well and was amazing. the picture becomes very beautiful and the sound is more powerful with dolby atmos and dts hd. Thank you all for working hard.

I have a Beelink GT mini-A (S905X2) and I installed the NG version of Coreelec, but if I want to install to internal from SD card with PuTTY, the program gives an error sessage:-sh: installtointernal: not found.
How to solve this problem?

What do you mean by “binary” add-ons. Are there add-ons which are not binary? No idea how to tell the difference.

My Odroid-N2 instance is not particularly complicated. I think I might do a clean install with 9.2.0 to SD card, configure everything manually, and then use installtommc over my 9.0.3 instance, any problem with that?

@Kion we don’t support this command on newer devices.

@CraigHB binary addons by definition are any from the CoreELEC repository.

Updates from nightly will be okay, it’s only 9.0.3 that would present issues if you have any of them installed, just force an update of addons after upgrading and you should be okay, no need for fresh installs.

Thanks the quick answer. And the script will be available with future updates, or completely removed and never come back?

Okay thanks, not using nightlies, just stable releases.

Might try it out on SD anyway so if something goes wrong I can just fall back to the old 9.0.3 instance on emmc. If it was just me I wouldn’t care, but I’ll catch flack from my wife if the N2 box goes down. I don’t want that.

So the installtommc script will transfer over the whole instance from SD card including all add-ons and settings overwriting what’s there, right? I only used it once when I first installed CE.

@Kion it was never there to begin with and it’s not something that we plan to introduce.

We only support internal installs on SBC’s.

Any more questions on this topic will be deleted.

@CraigHB yes the installtoemmc for N2 will ask you if you want to copy the SD contents, when you run the script the eMMC is formatted, so anything already there is nuked.

9.2.0 runs nicely on my N2, even simpletv plugin seems snappier, Great work!