9.2.2 Discussion

Congratulations on the release of 9.2.2.
This actually triggered me to order an N2.
Receiving it tomorrow.
Updated a number of generic amlogic boxes and it all looks and works great. Cant wait to test the -ng line :wink:

Hello, i have a khadas vim3l and since from the 9.2.0 until this latest release 9.2.2 release i have some video artifact when i play h265 movie

picard12, upload some sample of such video.

Also congratualtions on release 9.2.2.

Works almost flawless on the Ugoos X2 Cube. Only some particular videos show stuttering and tearing, but most of them are shown properly. I am trying to figure out the details (codec, timeframes etc.) of these videos

Keep up the good work!

CE 9.2.2
Ugoos X2 Cube (S905X2)
Hi, here my logs and kodi config:
and dsmeg | paste:

Whats the issues"

  1. As CEC is working well (using TV remote) there are some minor issues.
    1a. Cannot wake up box using CEC (TV remote).
    I can wakeup just using stock IR remote. Not working WOL, CEC and of course RF (is not supported)
    1b. Have to do hard restart (unplug). After restarting CEC stopped working.
    Need to do shutdown and then start and CEC is working again.

  2. Have eth wired and WiFi 5 GHz. After booting only wired is connected. WiFi idles.
    I need to manualy “Connect”. There is no auto connecting while eth is on.

Thank You for Your work and still CE is great. :slight_smile:
I wish You all immunity.

  1. CoreELEC BL301 Wake-Up feature [inject_bl301]

I had it done already. In my case its default ON. Propably i had this as ON in nightly 9.2.1.
I checked it with inject_bl301:

Update of BL301.bin on eMMC is not needed, exit now…

I believe this expected behaviour. eth will generally be better so it defaults to it. If its not what you want then disconnect the eth cable.


Why you disabled stream path change as CEC option in CE hardware settings? Enable all options and try again. The resulting value in config.ini have to be cec_func_config='7f'
Right now u have 6f

Thank you for this big release with all the improvements!!! One of the biggest, for me, is that i can completely shutdown the N2 when TV is turned off over CEC Settings and if i turn TV on the N2 boots up immediately. Thats fuxxxxx awesome! I know there is a standbye, but in this mode the N2 was always waking up my receiver randomly, so im very happy with the wakeup from shutdown function :grinning::raised_hands:

You are almost right. But there is an issue in HBO GO and Android. HBO GO works only on WiFi. While Android is wired HBO GO doesnt see internet connection. So i mostly use WiFi. But i tested WOL waking up. It doesnt work with wifi. So i would like to use wire for waking up (which is not working at all for awhile. :slight_smile:

All corner cases cannot be accounted for. The behaviour is right for 99.9% of use cases.

Personnally I leave my boxes on 100% of the time and the electrical usage is negligable. However wake on CEC or IR is working well for most people when setup correctly. IR on/off on my x96air works great.


Well, i had all options all. Just tested with some features on/off if CEC starts working. No success. So propably i left one of last try with one option off.

Now i did as You adviced. So after booting (disabled stream path) CEC is not working again. I changed (i use RF remote) all options to ON. I did 3 tests.

  1. Restarted twice.
  2. Shutting down twice and start.
  3. Ofc waking up not working as well. Hard reboot.

Still CEC not working, as well as waking up using CEC. Here is paste with all options ON:

Propably CEC will start working in a few starts. It usually does. :slight_smile:

4th start. Change source and back (AV->TV->AV), and CEC is working now again…

I agree with You with 100% now. Its corner case. I just mentioned, not complain. :slight_smile: Sorry for my bad communications skill. Im not english native.
I would use my box 100% of time on, but its getting warm. Im afraid about really hot days. For now sleep/wake should solve my fears. :slight_smile:

You bought the wrong box, my N2 is cold as ice :smiley:

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I bought 50 EUR box. With optical input. I think i bought proper one. :slight_smile:

A lot of these boxes are inadequately cooled as standard. They really benefit from some thermal modding. Mine would run at over 70C if I hadn’t improved the heatsink and added a lazy fan - now it sits at 50C with all settings maxed out for performance. There is a good thread on thermal modding.


You mean 50C on box case or on chipset? My box case is warmer then my hand, but it doesnt hurts. So i think up to 45C.

What’s warm ?
It’s not hot.

ssh into the box and issue command.


35 minutes or beeing on and doing nothing else:
46 C.