9.2.3 Upgrade failure to reboot power down loop


About two weeks ago, I purchased an eMMC card for my C2. I booted the MicroSD to Raspbian and used dd to write the CoreElec 9.2.2 image to the eMMC.

I then removed the MicroSD and booted CoreElec straight from the eMMC. I restored a copy of the /storage/ directory from a backup I took and everything has been working great.

So, I’ve just downloaded the CoreELEC-Amlogic.arm-9.2.3.tar upgrade file, ssh copied it to /storage/.update/ directory and restarted the device.

It then failed with:
*** Error in mount_storage: mount_common: Could not mount UUID=
### Starting debugging shell for boot step: mount_storage… type exit to quit

After I rebooted it, it loads into Kodi, but but then fails within a few seconds. The device seems to power down and not respond.

This process has always worked in the past when upgrading the MicroSD. Should it work for upgrading when running from the eMMC?

Thanks for any tips.

Well, it looks like it’s fixed itself this morning.

I took it off the back of my TV, plugged it into my PC monitor, attached a keyboard and booted it up. No spinning ‘loading’ wheel. No power down to black screen. The time was showing incorrectly, but presumably that was due to the network not being connected.

It was showing that my Db was empty though. This was due to my /storage/.config/autostart.sh file having been removed. The first thing my autostart.sh does is wait for the network to come up, then maps NFS mounts before continuing. As this wasn’t happening, it was booting to Kodi before it could connect its MariaDb database, so loading the blank local Db.

Not sure why my /storage/.config/autostart.sh file would be removed during an upgrade? This shouldn’t be normal should it?

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