They are gxbb devices so they are named Update for Amlogic

Update for Amlogic NG are the already Amlogic Ng Installed devices

So you use Amlogic NG

So does this mean “usbpower options for N2/N2Plus” we can safely turn it on for usb IR so i can wake the player up with a Vista MCE remote?

You don’t need this Setting for MCE wakeup with IR. Just set your IR wakeup to MCE.

But in general the usbpower Setting should be safe with 9.2.4 (and ONLY from this release on).

I thought you needed the USB power on in order to wake it up? Because as of right now either it’s not going into suspend mode or it’s not being woke up with the remote. Yes I do have the suspend selected in the options.

I don’t understand what that means… I thought NG was a chip and builds with NG in the name would refer to that chip. Can you please state in plain words if S905x could/should use NG builds as well?

There are builds for some older SoC like S905X.
Read the forum

You can now use NG builds for gxl devices which are using 4.9 kernel.

Fresh Install recommended.


Current system: Amlogic.arm
Update system: Amlogic-ng.arm

Create /storage/.update/.nocompat to disable compatibility checks and risk a non-booting system.
(Meaning you create an empty file and name it .nocompat and it must be in the .update directory with the .tar you are about to update to)
You may also update to 9.2.4 with the GXL devices and stay on the old Kernel.

Using CoreELEC-Amlogic.arm-9.2.4.tar

I just installed CoreElec on my s912 box this past week, and did the update to 9.2.4. It looks good so far. I’m also using the Netflix (720p), Youtube, and Librespot addons, all still working. It’s a 3/32 mecool m8s pro L.

  1. After new installation of 9.2.4 (old kernel) on x96 mini (s905w, 2g), my WiFi is not working anymore. Not connecting after reach association.
    After new installation of 9.2.4 (new kernel ng) on x96 mini, my WiFi is working but issue of green and slow boot up detected.
    Sorry for bad English.

I successfully fresh installed generic version of CoreELEC 9.2.4 on my GTC Freesat with Amlogic 905D android device. I used gxl_p231_2g_dvb.dtb file and the system started OK. My worries are that when I check the system info, the kernel version is still 3.14.Is it true or…just show wrong information. I hope that it will be the new kernel :slight_smile:

Then you used the wrong image. If you have a gxl box you need to flash Amlogic-ng

I thought that default download section is for 9.2
4-ng generic stable build…but is not. Where can I find 9.2.4-ng stable version for my device? I just want to try the new kernel
If I want to update, I have a choice for NG or regular build tar file. But for new installation…no choice, only old kernel build
Thanks in advance.


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OK, tnx…

But then the instruction line on the download page:
“The “Amlogic-ng” update file is only compatible for S905X2/S905X3/S922X/A311D devices currently”
should also list S905X with already running an -ng image, shouldn’t it?

Unfortunately my device doesn’t boot with this image. :frowning:

GTMedia GTC with Amlogic 905D
I used gxl_p231_2g_dvb.dtb which works perfect with other builds.

Well that is why it’s still experimental. Vendor uboots are quite old.

No problem for me. Just keep waiting for another build :slight_smile:

Did you also try to press and hold the reset button when power on? This will restore bootloader environment and maybe it’s working then.
When 3.14 is able to boot 4.9 is also to.

Have this below errors that what is mean
5790.573624@0] di:err:de_irq: enter 12c0000
[ 5792.953594@0] di:err:de_irq: enter 12c0000

I found my ceemmc tool problem, I had USB dirs mounted to the /storage - of course these should not be included in the emmc copy process. Perhaps it would be a nice feature for the ceemmc tool to check for and skip sync of mounts in the /storage ?