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To answer a question that some might have. Yes the build that is currently posted has a version number of, this will only be the case until Tuesday since this is currently a Release Candidate build, the final build on Tuesday will have the 9.2.4 version number, and then this post can just be a historical curiosity. :grinning:

Sorry, I’m fairly new to CE. Just got an N2+, came with 9.2.3. Haven’t used it since I got it after the whole usb power issue (I never touched that setting anyway).

What’s the fastest way to install this? SSH in like LE or do I need to do something with the EMMC? Never had a device with an EMMC before :upside_down_face:


cd .update
wget https://test.coreelec.org/cdu13a/public.builds/9.2.4-RC/CoreELEC-Amlogic-ng.arm-
sync && reboot

After update the n2plus will be save.

The safest way would be to clean flash the new N2.img to your emmc. Even though 9.2.3 works in a way due to usb issue I would not use that.

Once I had to use nightly because of broken Bluetooth in some stable release but since I updated a successive stable release the booting checks have persisted. How can I get rid it off, which command to turn it off please?

Thanks both - I initially updated but CE was still seeing it as N2. I think that’s the device tree (still learning). So since it’s got nothing on it yet I’ll just reinstall.

After reinstalling the EMMC it’s now saying n2 plus :slight_smile:

Will start using it and report back if I encounter any issues.

There’s a typo there snyc should be sync

That’s because the seller used the wrong image as n2plus wasn’t supported by 9.2.3 and he just used the n2 device tree.

I just tried the RC with my N2.
No real issues so far.
Rear usb ports might getting better with my xbox tuner, need to test more.
CEC still intermittently looses tv connection on N2 resume (happends with anything > 9.2.2),
but could very well be an issue with my old samsung tv set.
RC looks stable so far.
I’ll report if I notice anything.

For use of CEC you can try different libCEC versions:

For the wakeup you can try to disable the option active route in CE settings, CEC.

Do n2+ people use the N2 image or the generic?

I assume I can just drop the correct file into the update folder in windows via samba?

EDIT: well just copied over the N2 image to the update folder in windows and rebooted and seems to be working fine.

I also get some strange behavior on my LG OLED

You use the N2 img.gz

You must MANUALLY copy the N2+ device tree from the device tree folder in the burned image.
Rename it to dtb.img and paste it to the root of the sd card /eMMC.
Now insert the sd card and it will boot up.

Thanks yeah guessed it was the N2 image, had already done the dtb as was already using a nightly so this was simple update.

Update 9.2.3 >

Method used: tarball

Turewell F2 (S905X2 4/32 100MB) > Success. No problems noted.
TaNiX TX5 Delux Edition (S905X3 4/64 1GB) > Success. No problems noted.

Installed the update on my X96 Max Plus and found a small bug, probably with the USB-ports. After booting, the RII wireless keyboard doesn’t work right away: I have to unplug it and plug it in again. I didn’t check, but this may be the case for other USB devices too.

Rear usb ports are still hit-n-miss.
Maybe getting better, but my tuners still freeze from time to time and/or when resuming N2 from sleep.
Front usb is as always ok.
For my CEC issue I can’t comment until I find the time to test available libs.
Disabling active route doesn’t seem to help.
Other than that (none of the above is a new issue), it looks ok.

Is this the way to do it in 9.2.4, or is the user configured option mentioned in the changelog available through the UI?