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Yes fixed.

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For both 9.2.6 and 9.2.7, when I playing one video, a long time waiting before the showing start, in 9.2.5, there is no such problem.

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No issues on my X96Air.


NG performs like a champion on my X96 2/16

I’ve a new Odroid N2+ with CE 9.2.7.

N2+ -> Denon AVR-X4400H -> Samsung Q65Q64R

Everything is working. I can use the remote of the TV and the N2+ starts and shutdown when TV is turning on and of.
sometimes CE stats up with the “wrong” GUI solution not 4K@60 ist starts with 720x480. found solution here and will test ist.
The second issue: CE starts without CEC. So the TV turn on the N2+ but the remote is not working. Afzer reboot CE it works again. So I guess the N2+ boots to fast, so the TV is not ready to connect CEC.
The AVR is in stand by and passthrough the video and audio signal to the TV. Is there a possibility to wait with booting CE for CEC of TV and would help?

No. Connect the device directly to the TV or buy another AVR.

AVRs are known to make problems on reading EDID and break CEC as well.

You can dump your disp_cap to the device and this will be used.

I think this is the command to dump them:

cat /sys/class/amhdmitx/amhdmitx0/disp_cap > /storage/.kodi/userdata/disp_cap

Please ensure that the AVR is turned on and all disp_cap informations are read correct before dumping it.

Likewise mine is having issues where I now can’t use my remote to change the volume on my Sony STR-DN1080 amp. This was working fine with 9.2.6 and all previous versions. Now if I try and change the volume I just get a symbol appear in top right of the screen that shows two opposing horizontal arrows.

Exactly the same issue, if everything is off I turn on my TV with the LG remote and everything comes on but volume changing doesn’t work via my MCE remote. If I restart my N2+ then it works fine so something in ordering has changed or something.

excuse me, is it possible to install in the internal on Turewell A95X F2 (S905X2)?

After the update to 9.2.7, my subtitle-configuration is ignored.

I used to display them in “yellow” color, but since 9.2.7 those settings are ignored, also size and font type is ignored.

Background: I started with 9.2.5 on an ODroid N2+ with 4GB, updated to 9.2.6 and now to 9.2.7, basically with standard config, made only minor changes and use only a few addons like netflix, youtube and that “simple iptv-client”. Technically, I would be able to get logfiles, but have no idea how such issue would show up in logs or where.

No problem on my N2; all subtitle configurations work as with older versions.
Before capturing any logs try first with a fresh installation and check subtitle configuration behavior before you install any addon.

Only after rooting the device, and before you ask, I can’t help you with that, but I can tell you it was a pain, and to date I still have no clue how I managed.

Has anyone else encountered this problem? My device is himedia h7 4th with s912. First opening a movie will take a long time, about 1 minute or more to loading, if started, pause or drag to other position has no problem.

I do have to correct myself - further testing show is not an issue of 9.2.7.

The “subtitle-issue” seems to caused by the movie I watched right after the update. That movie seems to force subtitles in white as well as with certain size and font. The only thing i can do in settings is enable/disable the subtitles at that movie.

With other movies I tried now, all works as intended with the subtitles being yellow and sized as configured.

Yes, I can follow up my post about volume to say that when I then went to produce logs I couldn’t replicate the issue so it seemed to only happen following the first boot after updating.

On my hk1 box (s905x3 4g 32g), apart from the bluetooth problem, when I change tempo up/down in full screen video, audio/video stop in a few seconds, the whole system freezes, not responding to remote control. I already turned on sync playback to display.
Not sure if it’s a new issue, I haven’t used any ce version before 9.2.7.

Normally, this should be set to Off (default setting)
As always, making a fresh installation on a spare uSD fixes most of such problems, so try that first.

As @Sholander said and reinforceing it, please don’t use this option. It breaks much more than it fixes.

I’m having some issues with the screen blanking when using the kodi gui, it seems to happen randomly when browsing the library

I’ve generated logs which are here:


I have an Odroid N2+ -> Denon X2700 -> Samsung Q90T

Finally CEC Screensaver is fixed!!!

Upgrading the system from 9.25 to 9.26 will have this problem, I installed a new system and then there is no problem.

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