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I’m having some issues with the screen blanking when using the kodi gui, it seems to happen randomly when browsing the library

I’ve generated logs which are here:


I have an Odroid N2+ -> Denon X2700 -> Samsung Q90T

Finally CEC Screensaver is fixed!!!

Upgrading the system from 9.25 to 9.26 will have this problem, I installed a new system and then there is no problem.

it appears that the issue is only when the gui resolution is set to 1920x1080@60hz, changing it to 30hz and the blanking/flickering doesn’t appear to be happening anymore…

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When is the next update with kodi 19 coming? 9.2.7 didn’t come with a kodi update

When is the update hitting the device for those who can’t manually update to matrix 19.2?

There is no auto update planned. Due to the python addon compatibility.

I’m screwed then since I’m no techy lol

You’re not missing much with Kodi 19 unless you need python3 for something.


There’s a “middle weight” issue to report (but could be very annoying if it happens): Problem with very slow/slipping audio track switching. It probably won’t come out with somewhat more “regular” videos, but there’s a chance that it will happen with videos that have somewhat “more than usual” different audio tracks and subtitles. The one I’ve had this issue has 6 audio tracks and 20 different PGS subtitles embedded. And it was a real pain of patience what’s going on when I’ve tried to switch audio tracks (I have dedicated a button for this on my remote, so it supposed to be just one press): it switches very slowly. As I see when I press to switch to the next one in line it rewinds back the video a bit, but the sound still comes a (very) few seconds later, and the audio track counter (on the upper right corner) and the whole switching is very draggy to response to the next press. So If I want to FAST jump from the 1.st track to the 6.th and press 5 times the switch button in line, that won’t happen suddenly, nor close to fast at all, so it’s almost impossible to keep on predictably controlling this function. As I wrote, it seems to be a problem with videos that have “somewhat” unusually more audio and/or subtitle tracks embedded. (The overall bitrate of the tested video doesn’t go over 30Mbit and it’s in H.264, so I guess these can’t cause the issue). Maybe it’s rather a general Kodi issue after all, but thought to worth to mention here also anyway.

Since update to 9.2.7, my weather addons are not working. I have 3 installed although Yahoo was my preference. When that ceased to work I tried 2 others and now have GisMeteo activated but its content for my town remains empty. It did work with 9.2.6 though.

Is this just a coincidence or has anyone else noticed it?
Should I post about this in Addons section of Kodi community?

Gismeteo relies on the module.simpleplugin from vlmaksime.
I see there was an update to the module 10 days ago.
Perhaps try a manual install of it?

Updated to 9.2.7 and installed Gismeteo since yahoo was flagged as incompatible IIRC. Addon works without any problem here for 6 towns. Mecool K1 Pro.

I went back to Yahoo as there was a fix available from the Kodi forum.

One more Bluetooth issue. When Bluetooth device connected it’s unable to disconnect it. P:S:cant paste Kodi logs, service failed)

9.2.6 was running great for a long time. I went back to it after problems with 19. I took the update to 9.2.7 and now my screen goes blank randomly. I updated to 19.1_rc1 and it still goes blank. How can I reset my settings? My N2 is in a case and I want to avoid another eMMC reflash. Thanks.

You must update to nightly 20210318 nightly or newer , I got some issues like you say and nightly fix them all excepted for some very rare movie streams… I use S905X3 device. Good luck

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Thanks. I re-flashed 9.2.6 and of course it auto updated to 9.2.7 so I needed to re-flash and disable the auto update being offline. I will stay on 9.2.6 until I have a need to update.

You can’t really expect problems to be magically fixed by going back to an older version.
If you don’t test the potential fixes implemented in the nightly builds, there’s no way for us to actually make sure that the fix worked, therefore, we may think the issue was fixed, when in fact it wasn’t.
Then, you’ll come back to complain about the same problem when the next stable version is released, and the cycle will keep repeating itself.
Please test the fix, and let us know whether it was resolved or not.

On an unrelated note, issues with HDMI signal drops\black screen issues, it’s usually related to bad HDMI cables, it’s worth looking into that.

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