9082xs WiFi chipset

I just got an XGody KM8P+ S912 2/16 GB RAM/eMMC storage. It uses a 9082xs WiFi chipset (see below). The device is physically connected to my router through its RJ45 port and works just fine with both CE 8.90.4 and 8.90.5 sans WiFi. AFAICT from this discussion thread on LE, it looks like the manufacturer never releases its Linux kernel driver source code. So, I reckon it is pretty safe to say this 9082xs WiFi chipset will never be supported by CE unless we can find a Linux kernel driver source. :cry:

Anyway, here is the dmesg output from my XGody KM8P+ through an adb connection.

KM8P_XGO:/ $ lsmod                                                             
Module                  Size  Used by
dwc_otg               282524  0 
dwc3                   17973  0 
9082xs                894745  0 
cfg80211              372652  1 9082xs
ddr_window              4386  0 
mali_kbase            351526  16 
aml_nftl_dev           82724  0 
KM8P_XGO:/ $

We use a precompiled module for this Wi-Fi chipset in CE, I have one box with it and it does work but it will be removed after the move to mainline.

@anon88919003: Thank you. I am hoping the Linux driver source will be released by the manuacturer so it will be incorporated into the mainline. Right now, there is big deal for us because we use a wired connection.

I can tell you now with 1million% certainty that it won’t be and if this is a problem for you then you would be better to get a new device or a USB based WiFi dongle.

The 9082xs is a clone of a Realtek chip and this is why they will not release the source, we had direct contact with one of the developers of the Alice UX who was able to get us some drivers for one of the Tanix boxes but the WiFi chip was a no go.

@anon88919003: Thank you.

This post has an attachment with the 9082xs Linux driver source and the following post there after made by kzaq clearly says it is a binary driver for 9082xs chip. I downloaded and took a look at the archive and it sure has some org (original) and new source. I don’t know if the source is a complete driver or just an add-on to existing Linux driver source to support for compilation of the 9082xs driver source.

It’s not the driver source.

adamg, Sorry about that.

what is the last ce version this would be working?

None are available

Can’t you include that driver without source code though? User kszaq did that somehow, he didn’t give any support for that driver, because there was no source code, but at least a lot of users were able to use this wifi chipset.

@jack1142 I actually started using this in my 8.9 builds on LE before kszaq started using it in his 8.2 builds, unfortunately due to changes in the kernel it is just not possible anymore, there is a workaround we could use but it’s less than ideal and would only serve in making it work for a couple more releases.

We plan to move to a newer kernel at which point this chip will be totally dead in the water then, it’s far better if users just buy a cheap nano USB dongle from eBay for $2.