A bit more OS?

I know that by definition CoreELEC is just enough os for Kodi.
I don’t need Kodi right now so I want to use my box as a server. I tried armbian but found that the drivers and configs are not as complete. You guys are doing an amazing job with sourcing finrmwares and stuff. Is there a way for me to create an image based on the CoreELEC kernels and firmwares, dtbs so forth but have a fuller distro with access to more packages?

I also saw that the licensing for the kernel itself is not quite simple I would love to hear info about that if that’s a challenge

Dietpi was good last time I tried it. Also what are you trying to run, its probably doable.

I don’t see a support for amlgic with dietpi where can I find resources about it?

It supports odroid but I’m sure i ran it on a generic board. I guess you’ll need to look through the forum for your soc. It has been a few years since I used it.

I did a bit more reading and remember now, if you install a debian os on any box they provide a script to convert it to dietpi. Worth a look I reckon, I’m thinking of trying it out on an old box to see what it does now. Something to keep myself occupied at families house over Christmas.